photo: Jacob Watson

      photo: Jacob Watson


Alyssa Sorresso is a creative nonfiction writer who loves telling stories out loud. She has performed her stories internationally and around Chicago including for 2nd Story, StoryClub, and You’re Being Ridiculous at venues such as City Winery and Steppenwolf Theatre. Alyssa has also developed interactive performance pieces including "ScreamCoach" and "How to Be a Lady (with Pictures)", and performed them in various festivals and venues such as Latitude Festival (UK), the Young Vic (UK), and THAW (Links Hall). 

Alyssa’s writing is published or forthcoming in Calyx, Talking WritingCreative Nonfiction (Magazine), Queen Mob’s Teahouse, Nine Lives: A Life In 10 Minutes Anthology, and elsewhere. Her essay "Don't Borrow Trouble" was listed as "Notable" in The Best American Essays 2015. 

Alyssa and her partner recently finished traveling for a year instead of buying a house. They now live in Paris. Some things Alyssa loves are cats, writing (duh), intersectional feminism (double duh), windows that frame trees, cats again, cooking for large groups, her dead mother, tattoos, and women. You can follow her on insta and twitter @alyssa.sorresso if you like some of those things too.


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