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No Money, No Honey by Kim Badawi

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No Money, No Honey is an artistic book project conceived by photojournalist Kim Badawi. Badawai traveled around Slovenia speaking to local beekeepers, historians, and other experts about the country's extensive history of apiculture. In the 18th century, beekeepers began to paint their beehouses with colorful images that depicted daily life, religous teachings, and fables. Badawi created high-resolution scans of hundreds of painted panels from museum archives. He then assembled them into a hybrid children's book/re-imagining of the Slovenian beekeeper's life.

I acted as a writing coach, editor, and copy editor for the book and an accompanying historical brochure. I worked with Badawi to shape his original story and helped strengthen the narrative arc, word-choice, and relationship between narration and image. The result was a whimsical, humorous, and sometimes raunchy storybook that celebrated the Slovenian beekeeper and his beloved honeybee.


copy editing

Thinking Big Financial - Thinking Big Financial is a financial planinng and investment management company with a focus on the LGBTQ community. I copyedit Thinking Big's monthly blog as well as other marketing materials. 


"Alyssa is a terrific copy editor and writer. Each time I have a new piece that Alyssa works on, I am always so impressed about how she improves upon it. She really is skilled at getting to the true meaning of my writing, making it clearer and more accessible to my audience. She's also extremely efficient and dependable. I'd recommend Alyssa to anyone seeking out a professional and reliable copy editor/writer."  Jim Marrocco, Founder and CEO of Thinking Big Financial

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