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writing coach

As your writing coach, I help you unearth what you really want to say and craft it until it resonates. I have worked with everyone from incarcerated teens to multi-disciplinary artists to business executives. I believe everyone can write and write well.

My standard coaching rate is $75/h. I offer a free, 20-minute consultation to help you consider my services and see if we’re a good fit.

I also create package deals based on consistent or long-term work. Individual writing coaching sessions happen via Skype or in-person (dependant on location).


"Alyssa Sorresso is a god send. The time I spent with Alyssa helped me become a more confident writer. I did not believe that I had what it takes to write, and Alyssa was able to show me that I could by patiently sitting with me, encouraging me, and correcting me along the way. She is gentle yet firm in her approach, and she really stands for women owning their voices in a way that makes you feel that you can conquer the world, one word/sentence/paragraph at a time." Lily Be, storyteller and founder/host of The Stoop

Working with Alyssa to develop a personal journaling practice was a terrific experience. Her kind and thoughtful approach to coaching was effective in leading me to insights and supporting me as I worked through personally challenging conversations with myself and colleagues. She helped me to take a reflective view of the personal and professional challenges I was dealing with in my fast-paced work environment. With her guidance and coaching, I've been able to refine my thoughts and cut through the mental noise to focus on the core issues, which has helped me to overcome some of my roadblocks and accelerated my professional development.” Carl Olson, Senior Manager of Finance at Yelp

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In the past year, I've been drawn to editing experimental concept books by artists who don't primarily identify as writers. Projects like these often combine coaching and editing, allowing me to develop a collaborative relationship with the artist/writer. My goal is to respect the artistic vision of the process and guide the writer to make strong choices that support it. Read on for a description of one of my recent projects.

No Honey, No Money by Kim Badawi

No Honey, No Money is an artistic book project conceived by photojournalist Kim Badawi. Badawai traveled around Slovenia speaking to local beekeepers, historians, and other experts about the country's extensive history of apiculture. In the 18th-century, beekeepers began to paint their beehouses with colorful images that depicted daily life, religous teachings, and fables. Badawi created high-resolution scans of hundreds of painted panels from museum archives. He then assembled them into a hybrid children's book/re-imagining of the Slovenian beekeeper's life.

I acted as a writing coach, editor, and copy editor for the book and an accompanying historical brochure. I worked with Badawi to shape his original story and helped strengthen the narrative arc, word-choice, and relationship between narration and image. The result was a whimsical, humorous, and sometimes raunchy storybook that celebrated the Slovenian beekeeper and his beloved honeybee. Check out this awesome book release video and read more about Kim and the project. 

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copy editing

There's something truly satisfying about transforming a rough draft into a polished piece of writing. Whether it's for your website, blog, newsletter, or cover letter, I can shape your words to be clear, accessible, and engaging. All you do is provide the ideas, the first draft of language, and the goals for the piece. I hold a Poynter ACES Certificate in Editing (AP Style).

My standard rate for copy editing or proofreading is $50/h. The length of time per project will be assessed based on light to heavy copyediting. I also create flat-rate package deals for consistent work.


"Alyssa is a terrific copy editor and writer. Each time I have a new piece that Alyssa works on, I am always so impressed about how she improves upon it. She really is skilled at getting to the true meaning of my writing, making it clearer and more accessible to my audience. She's also extremely efficient and dependable. I'd recommend Alyssa to anyone seeking out a professional and reliable copy editor/writer."  Jim Marrocco, Founder and CEO of Thinking Big Financial

Please reach out to let me know about your project. I'm interested in a wide variety of projects and can work with you to find a timeline and budget that best suits your needs.