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As a creative nonfiction writer, I interrogate the meaning and expectations of gender roles and sexuality, the significance and impact of familial relationships, and the effect of trauma on the mind. I am particularly drawn to experimental and flash forms of creative nonfiction that disrupt the traditional narrative telling. Through these forms, I capture a visceral sense of trauma or intensity, using other types of information such as journal entries, lists, interviews, etc. to balance the story’s emotional impact. In some cases, this outside information allows me to integrate humor and absurdity into the story, providing lightness and juxtaposition for the reader, and with it, a renewed energy to dig deeper into challenging narratives.


No Matter What Point In Time (forthcoming)    PANK

Messages From A Former Cambodian Prison  Talking Writing 

Ep. 42: From the page to the stage                      Behind the Prose (interview)

Pillars                                                                         The Fem Literary Magazine

Xmas Dreamin’: An 8th Grade WishList              Queen Mob’s Teahouse    

Your Daily Imminent Demise: Horoscopes         Queen Mob’s Teahouse

Talk Like a Neighbor                                                OhioEdit

How to Take Advantage of My Wedding              A Practical Wedding



My Mother Nature (forthcoming)                        Calyx 

Pillars                                                                        Nine Lives: A Life in 10 Minutes Anthology

Don’t Borrow Trouble*                                          Creative Nonfiction Magazine 

*Listed as “Notable” in Best American Essays 2015




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